JSTI is one of the world's leading global engineering consulting firms that is committed to creating a more sustainable built environment. We are a comprehensive infrastructure solution provider that serves a broad range of industries, around the globe. We have set up branches in more than 30 regions around the world, and have been carrying out projects in more than 50 countries. Our work has received international acclaim and is consistently ranked alongside some of the most well-known and top performing consultancies. In 2019 we were recognized as one of the Top 150 Global Engineering Design Companies (46th) and also one of the Top 225 International Design Firms ( 44th), by a leading industry publication, the Engineering News Record (ENR).
The foundations of our company are built upon a talented international team of industry specialists, innovative consultants and skilled practitioners, employed across every arm of our business. We work hand in hand with our clients, bringing their most ambitious projects to life whilst building a future we can all be proud of.
To expand our international reach and expertise, JSTI has merged with world's leading  engineering design firm. Partnering with Spanish firm Eptisa, has given us tremendous scope and the ability to offer exceptional, industry leading services to all our clients, around the world.
Our business covers every aspect of the built environment. Whether in isolated rural landscapes or densely packed urban centers, JSTI delivers projects that make positive changes to people's lives whilst working hard not only to protect, respect and support the surrounding environment.
Our projects span multiple industries, such as:

? Highways ? Rail ? Maritime ? Aviation ? Cities ? Water ? Environment ? Architecture ? Industry ? Energy ? Government ? Smart Cities
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